Totem Academy is a school for dreamers.


Think of Totem as your very own personal GPS for life; we simply want to get you to where you want to go in the shortest time possible. With a roadmap tailored specifically to your goals and style, you’ll be able to cut through the traffic and make the very most of your time.


 Get where you want faster


Guidance for the creative

We'll help you get over the intimidating idea of generating income using your creative skills. Learn the secrets to drafting a proposal that wins over clients without fail. You can also check out our fun workshops!


Guidance for the entrepreneur

Want to turn your idea into a company? We will teach you how to fuel your idea, get it off the ground without investors and focus your time/effort on the things that bring you results right away.


Coaching (1:1)

Discover your purpose and live up to your potential. Our mentor(s) can teach you how to immediately turn your passion into a viable source of income or how to transition into a new career!


Ready to take the next steps?


Still not not sure, how we can help you? Don’t worry, we can certainly find a solution that works for you. Speak with us!