Are you living the life you want?


 If the answer is yes, then stop reading; you've already graduated.

For the rest of us, Totem is an incubator for potential. It gives you the unparalleled ability to learn how to turn your dream into a reality while placing you in work environments that provide you with the experience and income needed to pursue and develop your passion.

Contrary to traditional education, everything at Totem is tailored specifically to you - our mission is to teach you how to succeed at building the life you want to live. There’s no set curriculum to lock you in. No tests to give you an artificial sense of completion. Our goal is to help you succeed according to whatever your definition of success is. All of our courses are meant to be applied to whatever you’re working on, and the things you’ll learn are of universal value regardless of the nature or status of your project. You define your curriculum. You determine the value you want to receive. We provide you with a framework that will guarantee your personal development and connect you with opportunities to build momentum.

Totem is a collaborative community of innovators. Spending time around like-minded, driven individuals will help you expand your perspective, develop your idea, and connect you with opportunities that will help you make paradigm shifts toward your desired outcome.

Our innovative placement program has you developing skills in a relevant industry while providing you with an excellent source of income. You will be adding substantial value to the company you’re placed with, and you’ll develop a set of valuable skills including autonomy which will carry over to your own project.

In a nutshell, Totem is the future of education. Our academy helps all members identify, understand, and develop their potential in pursuit of a higher quality of life. Whether you’re starting a business, developing your craft, or looking to level up in your current position, Totem will help you accelerate your progress and reach heights you never dreamed were possible.

Dream On

- Totem Academy Team