Frequently Asked Questions.


Who leads the group workshops?

Our experienced community team leads the group workshops.

What will I need for this workshop?

Positive Mindset

I'm curious about Totem, but I don't have a passion yet. Can I attend a workshop?

Absolutely! Our Group Workshops are open to all who are interested! Each workshop covers various topics and skill levels, which are outlined in each workshop summary.

I have a question specific to my company. Can I receive help at the workshop? 

Our roundtable workshops are designed for entrepreneurs to network amongst each other. We'll be happy to address questions during the workshop, we also provide personalized private sessions for more in-depth coaching. 

Walk-in policy

Our workshops fill up quickly due to high demand, you must be a member.


If you need to cancel your session, please do so via confirmation

How long are the workshops?

They usually last around 2 hours with the possibility over going over due the high level of awesome vibes.

What do I need to register

Your name, email address/phone number.

How do I join the workshop?

Upon registering, you’ll receive an invite email with a special code. Use your email or code to book your workshops.

I can't make the live class. Will there be an archive of the class to watch?

Totem Academy is all about the in-person vibes. We do not currently offer online classes however, we can offer online coaching 1:1 via Skype or other collaborative/communication platform. 

Where are you guys located?

We're located in the beautiful Château St-Ambroise.