6 week program



get a head start on turning your dreams into reality.

First Semester launches: Saturday Oct 27th 2018


Who is this for?

This is for the dreamers who want to become doers. We’ll teach you what it means to have a true impact on the world.









Week 1 👨‍🎤

Why You're A Super Hero

The world loves superheroes - This class is designed to help you unlock the most heroic parts of your identity. You’ll have the opportunity to get creative and set your sights on the person you truly want to be. After just one class you’ll uncover strengths and talents you never realized you had, and will learn how those abilities can be used to add value to the world.

Week 2 💬

How to Pitch (Getting What You Want)

The art and science of pitching yourself and your ideas is critical to your success, no matter what you want to accomplish. This class will turn you into a skillful communicator and give you the confidence to ace your interviews and get the most out of networking events.

Week 3 ⌛️

Make the most of your 168 hours

If you master your time, you can master anything. Learning how to make the most out of every day at a young age will give you an incredible advantage for the rest of your life. This class teaches you how to accomplish long-term, ambitious goals by prioritizing the time you have in a week, day, and an hour.

Week 4 📸

social media markteting

You might not realize it yet, but growing up as a millenial has given you years of experience as a marketer. In this class you’ll learn how to leverage the tools you’re already using everyday to build and connect with an audience - a skill set that will make you indispensable to any business.

Week 5 👩‍💻

tech kid

To stay competitive, companies are constantly evolving and expanding their use of technology. This class will give you an in depth look at the latest tech out there, giving you an edge whether you’re working for another company or building your own.

Week 6 ⚡️

shifting your paradigm, launching new projects and meeting mentors

In the final class you’ll use everything you’ve learned so far to come up with and launch your new project. You’ll have the chance to meet and collaborate with other students along with experienced mentors from different industries who will help you bring your projects to life.


Tuition & Dates



Oct 27th - Dec 1st 🎟

Apply by Oct 20 2018
325 $ CAD



9 am - 11 am (Morning)
12 pm - 2 pm (Afternoon)


📍4030 Rue St-Ambroise #361
Montréal, QC H4C 2E1


Meet Your Teachers 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

Alex Trinh

Alex Trinh

William Topa

William Topa

Nicole Svoboda

Nicole Svoboda

Adrian Salvador

Adrian Salvador


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