DANIEL AMATO, member since 2017

I’ve been to many events and workshops throughout the recent years, yet no such workshop has had such a significant and beneficial impact on me such as Totem’s unique workshops. Whether you want to improve on public speaking, your confidence, getting out of your comfort zone, learning how to run and operate a business, or learning how to uncover your superpowers; Totem’s mentors are there for you every step of the way and have got you covered. Totem workshops will benefit you in your professional career and in your personal life by giving you the toolkit and proper guidance needed to succeed which is crucial. I just can’t stress the importance. Totem workshops have given me the drive and hunger to become the best version of myself. Totem symbolizes how education should be thought as workshops cut through all the fluff and present you the meat right away. Till this day Alex and Will have never failed to impress me. Alex and Will are phenomenal mentors who know how to make you feel comfortable outside of your comfort zone and know how to help assist students unlock their full potential.


DAWSON SPOONER, member since 2017


For as long as I could remember, my two biggest passions were football and journalism. To accommodate for both of these, I started my first ever blog in 2015; Spooner’s Dish.  Although my approach and business model were extremely sloppy, I saw the potential in the idea, but due to a lack of interest and engagement, I shut down Spooner’s Dish a short time later. A change of name and a few branding adjustments later, I created Player Recognition


ALEXANDER HUGH-SAM, member since 2017


Ever since I was a kid, there was only this one question that I didn’t really have an answer to (and still don’t to this day): “What do you want to do when you grew up?” Other kids would answer they wanted to become a police officer, a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor. On the other hand, I really just wanted to become a Power Rangers (and secretly, I still do).