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Moneyball Part 2 By Alex Trinh

  • TOTEM Academy 1275 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal Montréal, QC, H3B Canada (map)

Do you currently feel like you're playing an unfair game? Whether it be at work, at school or in your everyday, change the game and take control by using what’s around you: DATA Data doesn’t lie and this class will teach you how to audit your life, work, or any situation you come across. You will also learn how to present it in easy-to-understand fashion, and how to by find the optimal solution. This class is given by Alex Trinh, founder of Totem Academy.

This class will teach you THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL TO HAVE : resourcefulness

Here's an overview of what we'll do:

1. Introduction: Understanding the value of data.
2. Analyze: Learning how to easily read/interpret key metrics.
3. Accountability: Understanding how data can increase Your value.
4. Problem Solving: Can't improve if you don't measure, we'll drill down into some exercises to grow your "outside the box thinking" muscles.
5. Architecture: Building your very own database from scratch. You'll get to practice by choosing from one of the following FUN subjects to create your very own database ;

  1. Your Contacts
  2. Your Closet
  3. Your Time
  4. Your Money

*Given in the form of an interactive class, keynote presentation, laptop required.*

*Limited Space Available*