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Storytelling: You Only Need 2 Seconds To Win The Stage

  • TOTEM 1275 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal Montréal, QC, H3B Canada (map)
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What we'll do

In the milli seconds that you step in front of your audience, they have already decided if they want to listen to you or not. What will shape their decision is simply your looks: the way you stand, how you look at them, what your wearing, your hand gestures, etc. 
In this class you will learn how to get the attention of everyone by working on your non-verbal. We will decode whats good body language and then practice by presenting different subjects. 

Warm up: Self Presentation
What is a good non verbal: stance, eyes, gestures …
Practice Round 1
Re-viewing Round (presentations will be filmed)
Practice Round 2
Applying body language to everyday life

About your teacher

As a kid, William was more afraid then ever to speak to others, worst, in public. Realizing this, he learnt to build self-confidence which allowed him to become a powerful public speaker. For the past year now, he has been teaching others how to speak in public which allowed them to feel confident towards themselves